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Why should I hire a Graphic Designer?

When you’re running your own business, it can be tempting to try to “do it all” yourself.

Maybe you consider yourself a bit of an amateur designer, perhaps you’re just trying to save money or perhaps you are just scared to hand over your “baby” to a complete stranger?

Perhaps you’re also completely overwhelmed, out of your depth and ready for help… but are just afraid to make the leap to commit to making an investment.

Well, you’re in the right place – I’m about to tell you how your life is going to get easier and more abundant by taking that leap in hiring a professional designer, such as myself!

Here are my top 10 reasons you should hire a professional Graphic Designer today:

1. Save Time

If you’re not a trained graphic designer, it can take time to get things looking right. Especially if this is not something you’re trained in or have years of experience doing. Think of all the time you could save not having to worry about fiddling around trying to get things to look “right”.

Think of all the time you could spend in your own personal zone of genus instead. Isn't that the reason you started this business?

2. Efficiency

Because we have all these years of experience, professional Graphic Designers can achieve fantastic artwork in a fraction of the time it would take someone else.

We know how to work to tight deadlines. It’s what we excel at. For some of us, it’s where we thrive. This is our zone of genius – let us handle it for you.

A professional athlete will win a race quicker than an amateur.

3. Quality

Graphic designers not only have professional tools and software at their disposal, but we also have years of experience using them to create quality assets. As the saying goes “practice makes perfect”, and the more we design, the better we get at it.

A skilled designer uses their intuition and years of ingrained knowledge to know instinctively how to great quality design work.

4. Professional Execution

You may know what you like (e.g. colours, styles, etc) but do you really know how to execute it?

Professional designers are trained to understand design psychology and semiotics, to understand the impact of your designs on the eye of the beholder. We have extensive experience using very complicated fancy design software, which allows us to achieve visual miracles.

We can turn imagination into a tangible reality, and inherently know the correct technical process involved to do so.

5. Gain Perspective

Sometimes you need a second pair of eyes to step back and view the bigger picture: when you’re so close to and involved in your work it can be hard to see things clearly from the outside.

A Graphic Designer can step back and view your brand as a whole, and in doing so is able to identify the areas that need improvement while having an eye on the overall bigger picture to bring together a cohesive, unified visual identity and brand direction.

Sometimes you're so close to your business that you can't see the wood for the trees.

6. Stand Out From The Crowd

As well as a thorough understanding of design trends and design psychology, alongside expertise and practiced skill, we also spend time getting to know YOU, your values, and what your business stands for. We then use this knowledge to create assets and branding that are completely unique, bespoke, and truly reflect your unique personality visually.

7. Investment Growth

Good quality design will attract more clients, and make you appear more professional and reliable. When your audience sees you are willing to invest in your business, take your business seriously and promote high standards, they are more likely to trust you… and ultimately invest in you & your business.

In fact, high-quality branding is more likely to attract more high-paying customers (who are looking for quality to invest in), so hiring a Graphic Designer can actually make you more money in the long run!

Hiring a professional Graphic Designer is choosing to make a long-term investment in your business growth.

8. Knowledge & Experience

Professional designers understand the right processes and solutions to get your design work done properly. From understanding copyright law and file types to getting you the best deal for printing your business cards – we’re in the know.

Our wealth of knowledge and experience will help to ensure you don't get caught out in legal grey areas or overcharged for basic items, while ensuring all your deliverables are of the highest quality.

9. Brand Application & Mentorship

Once we've implemented your branding and created your professional assets, we can show you how to implement it.

So you can still have full autonomy and authority over your content creation - while knowing you have professional branding and beautiful visuals to support it.

Maybe you'll decide once your branding is set you're happy to continue alone - or maybe you decide you need regular support from your designer. I offer both approaches to my clients, and will support you as much or as little as you require.

10. You Gain A Brand Ambassador

This is your baby. That’s important.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons you don’t want to reach out to a professional designer is fear that you won’t be understood, or that the designer will somehow take over your brand or belittle you.

Well let me reassure you, that is not me.

I go to extraordinary lengths to understand you, and will come to know and love your brand as much as you do. I will become an ambassador and cheerleader for your brand, not a dictator. Your brand’s perception and success genuinely matter to me. I hold myself to high standards of quality and I expect you to have high expectations of me, too.

When you hire me, you are bringing me into your world, onto your team and that is my complete honour and privilege.

We will create your brand together: Your vision, my skill.

In Summary...

Hiring a Graphic Designer is one of the most important investments you can make in your business. Just because there is free software available online (looking at you, Canva) doesn’t mean you should waste your precious time trying to use it.

While you may believe that you are saving yourself money by not hiring a Graphic Designer, and trying to muddle through by yourself, what you may not realise is the toll this is taking on your business. Cheap, unprofessional design can actually repel potential clients and customers. And why should they invest in you & your business if you won’t invest in it yourself?

Hiring a professional Graphic Designer will save you time and effort, which are better spent focused on developing your business, talking to your audience, and providing the experience you started this business to deliver!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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