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La Reine Coaching

Bespoke Brand Identity  |  Graphic Design  |  Design Consultancy

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The Client

Sophie is a Counsellor-turned-Inner Transformation Coach.


She came to me right at the start of creating her new business, because she understood the value of impactful graphics and wanted to make them a priority from Day One. 

Working with her was an absolute dream - the creative energy we shared on this project was magical, and kick-started an incredible professional relationship as well as an epic friendship. 

Project Brief

Sophie is an Inner Transformation Coach who helps women confidently become the best versions of themselves. She does this through inner healing, which is founded on her own unique concepts of a confident inner “Queen” (representing the divine masculine) and spiritual inner “Goddess” (representing the divine feminine). She wanted a brand identity that reflected both of these different concepts, united as one. 

The brand name “La Reine” literally translates from French as “The Queen”, so we wanted to convey a feeling of luxury and royalty throughout her brand identity, while also incorporating elements that felt soft, free, and flowing. 

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Design Process

We began with in-depth conversations about her business goals and values, and her brand vision. This included a discussion of how she wanted her brand to be perceived as well as how she expected prospective clients to feel when they saw her branding and interacted with her and her business. 

After gaining clarity and a deep understanding of who she was and what was important to her, I then went away and came up with some concepts. There were a few iterations at the start, but we agreed on the final logo fairly quickly.


The logo combines both rigid and flowing typefaces, representing the two elements of the brand. The key visual is a crown, which represents the empowerment of the Queen, with sparkling stars, which represent the spirituality of the Goddess. 

I also created several alternative logo versions including different colourways, submark, and social media tag.

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CARMINE - GOLD Background 1 -CUT.png

Colour & Textures

We narrowed down the palette to a spectrum focused on dark pinks and golds to evoke a feeling of depth, femininity, spirituality and luxury. The colour palette is flexible enough that she can adapt its use to reflect the different elements of her brand (darker imagery and usage for “Queen” and lighter for “Goddess”). We also incorporated minimal usage of bright pink, which injected a hint of the client’s bright and bold personality.

We selected two key background textures: One deep and rich watercolour texture with crisp gold accents, and one lighter luxurious gold marbled effect. Both work beautifully together and can be used both individually and combined. 


The company name "La Reine" reflects the client's French roots, so we wanted to reflect a French feel in the branding. We selected the font “Hello Paris” which evoked a Parisian Chateau – both traditional and luxurious. The serif body font is traditional and formal, while the script heading font adds flowing and personal dynamism.

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Social Media

The client’s main touchpoint for her business was Instagram, so this was our first priority. The client wanted full autonomy over the creation of her social media posts so that she was flexible to create whenever and whatever she needed, by herself.


For this reason, I created several social media templates using Microsoft Powerpoint. This meant she could have full creation ability, while also being able to use her own custom fonts, without having to pay for premium services or design software. 

Photo Editing

We experimented with several different photography styles. Initially, we tried a black and white photography style, to create a high-end fashion look, but we then decided this felt too cold, so I created some custom lightroom presets which limited her photography to her brand colours, while also maintaining skin tones to add warmth.


Once she implemented the use of these presets, she found she was much more easily able to create an Instagram feed that felt visually cohesive.

Sophie Shoot 300.jpg
Sophie Shoot 300.jpg


brochure copy.jpg


The first document I created for this client was a Freebie download. I created the document in Adobe InDesign which gave me full flexibility to create a beautiful visually engaging document. I was also able to exceed expectations by adding interactive links and buttons to the document. 

Later, once the client was running courses, I also created branded templates for her to create course workbooks and forms in Microsoft Word. This gave her the flexibility to easily make edits to her documents whenever she needed to. 

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Audio Mixing

Part of my client's offering includes inspiring audio tracks such as visualisations and guided meditations.

I was able to use my additional video & audio editing skills to mix together her chosen audio backing music seamlessly with her voiceover, to create an impactful audio experience.

Icons & Illustrations

I created several icons and illustrations, all with a consistent visual theme. We decided on a linear illustration style, with a custom gold gradient applied and added star sparkles, to mirror the logo.

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CARMINE - GOLD Background 1 -CUT.png
website copy.png


To allow my client full autonomy to make edits and take control of her website, we chose to use Wix as a development platform.


I applied her branding throughout and ensured the layouts were clean and consistent, to ensure the website had high professional standards. I also conducted UX reviews and testing to ensure the site ran smoothly across multiple platforms, including mobile.

Building the website this way allowed us to work together to create the deliverable together, in unison, and review elements as we go, rather than the traditional time-consuming approach of design-and-review iterations.

Design Consultancy

Although it was important for my client to have complete flexibility to edit and create her own branded online identity, she still required occasional advice and direction from an experienced professional.

Through my guidance and consultancy, she gradually learned how to implement her branding in a consistent and professional way, including how to use and apply her branding to other platforms such as Teachable, Google Forms, Social Media etc.

This is a great option for clients who want the freedom to create their own branded items but are not ready to hire a designer full-time.


Learn more about my design consultancy options here.

“I can see it doesn’t look right, I just don’t know why. Help!”

Image by Farouk Mechedal


Each time I entrust Kim with a task, I'm BLOWN THE F AWAY. Every. Single. Time. How does she even do that?!? And I'm not ashamed to say, I've got HIGH standards. I wouldn't have been able to trust my brand baby with just anyone.


Kim is special. She has a unique talent for bringing you, your values and your vision to LIFE in the most stand-out AND luxe way. 

In the many moments when I've been under a time crunch, she's enabled me to stop wasting hours trying to figure out what doesn't look quite right (which, by the way, she'll know instantly), and instead, focus on my own zone of genius. Knowing that she will come in and work her magic to make it look like perfection. 


At this point she knows me and my brand so well, she's made amendments and updates before I've even had to ask. It's such a relief knowing she's got my back. 


If you want to ELEVATE your brand...Kim is your woman. Do it now before she sees this testimonial and realises she needs to raise her prices!!!

My Services

Empowered Branding & Graphic Design for Fierce Femmes who want to stand out from the crowd.


Bespoke Branding

I create unique branding that instantly reflects who you are and what you represent. Branding which evokes an emotional connection for your dream clients, making you irresistable to them.

Graphic Design

From Print graphics & Illustration to Photo & Video editing to Interactive Web & App Design. With 10+ years experience, there's not a medium I haven't designed for. No matter the scope of your project, I've got you covered.

Design Consultancy

Get my expert eagle eyes on your existing branding. I can spot a stray pixel, mismatched colour tone or low-res graphic from a mile off and I have years of experience in Quality Assurance for some of the world's biggest brands. 

Ready to get started?

Book a free no-obligation consultation call, where we can get to know each other and discuss how we can make your brand EPIC!  

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