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Do I Need Business Cards?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

"Who still uses business cards?" I hear you ask…

While it's true that most business these days is conducted online, and that “Instagram is the business card of the future”, you'd be surprised at the impact those little cards can have in the right hands.

Especially when you invest in high-end graphics and quality materials.

In fact, if your competitors aren’t bothering with business cards, and you have an opportunity to meet potential future clients in person, this could be a way to really stand out from the crowd!

You only get one chance to make a first impression: make it count.

Use your business card to tease them. To draw them in. Then leave them wanting more...

Make it a physical and psychologically pleasurable experience to hold that little hard in their hands, through inviting graphics and high-quality print materials.

Make the card reflect the quality of experience they will have working with you. Give them a little taste of who you are… make it irresistible for them to use those clearly specified contact details to reach out to you!

But don’t just throw together a cheap business card for the sake of it. This will leave its recipients feeling like you don’t believe you’re worth investing in yourself (why should they if you don’t?!). Only use them if you truly believe it will add value and entice your customers.

See it as a way to make potential clients feel special - to be treated as if they are being invited to be a member of a special club. And when you’ve truly invested in these cards, emotionally and financially, and have created something truly special and unique, both you and your clients will feel how special it is to exchange one.

So if you’re going to use a business card, make the most of the opportunity to make your prospective clients FEEL something. Use high-quality silk or velvet finishes, surprise and delight them with something “different” and ensure your graphic design is of the highest quality.

Need some help with this? I’ve got you covered.

Feel like you need a more digital solution to stand out from the crowd? I have some ideas for you there too!

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