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Design Consultancy

My expert eye for detail is unparalleled. I can spot a stray pixel, low-res image or misaligned object from a mile off.

Most of my work over the last decade has been working for big-name brands like Toyota, Yamaha, and Renault. For these companies, brand identity and attention to detail are paramount. They understand that consistency and quality must be applied to all branded assets, in order to build trust and loyalty with their staff and customers. Therefore my responsibility, and privilege, was ensuring all assets produced for these clients passed internal and external Quality Assurance guidelines.

I have a unique ability to be able to see both the small details and the bigger picture of a project; to use a balanced combination of both logical expertise and inner intuition to know instinctively if something looks right, and how to fix it if not. 

If you think your branding/assets could use a professional evaluation, or are looking for general advice on your branding or graphic design, I am happy to be of service. 


Power Hour

Brand Analysis

I'll spend an hour evaluating all your existing branding, then give you a customised report containing my overall impression and suggested areas for improvement. 

Price: £100


Ready to get started?

Book a free no-obligation consultation call, where we can get to know each other and discuss how we can make your brand EPIC!  

Other Services


Bespoke Branding

Looking for a whole new branding package?

Graphic Design

Want to commission something specific?

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