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Why did I just pay £4 for a coffee?

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Why did I just pay £4 for a coffee…when I have a perfectly good kettle at home?

The answer is simple: Because the entire purchasing experience made me feel special.

It was a brand I know and trust to be high quality. I actually didn’t even consider the cost, I just thought about how it would feel to drink it - to give myself a little treat - and immediately went in and bought it.

This begins with the experience within the store - they use my name, the environment is clean with superior interior design, and the promotional artwork & graphics are consistent & high quality.

Would I have paid so much from a cafe that was run down with wonky chairs, a scrawled menu on a flaky piece of paper and a dirty counter?

Hells no!

Here’s the key though…

Because I paid more for it; I appreciated it more. Every sip was like a little treat because I placed such high value on it and knew to savour it because it’s not something I allow myself to indulge in often.


I want you to consider this experience and think about how often you make similar choices in your life?

And then consider how your customers FEEL when they experience your business. Of course, they need to get to know, like & trust you as a foundation… but how can you take that further?

How can you make them feel special when they interact with your business? Because that’s when they are going to invest without question.

Then let me know when you’re ready to work on upgrading that customer experience through your branding, Queen!

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